About the Company

My Work at HCL Technologies

My application for Internship was accepted in December 2021 and I started my work under the Vulnerability Management Head, Mr. Pankaj Sharma, at HCL Technologies.

Fig. 1 Vulnerability and Vulnerability Management
Fig. 2 Steps Involved in the Vulnerability Management Lifecycle
Fig.3 Top 10 OWASP Vulnerabilities
Fig. 4Types of Vulnerabilities
Fig. 5 SonarQube
Fig. 6 Testing of the Web Application on SonarQube
Fig. 7 Summary of the Vulnerabilities Found
Fig. 8 Vulnerabilities Discovered by SonarQube
Fig. 9 Summary of Vulnerabilities Found in SonarQube Scan of
  • Learnt about the Vulnerability Management Lifecycle and its Issues and How to Resolve them.
  • Gained knowledge about the working of several Vulnerability Management Tools.
  • Learnt about Applications of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tools.
  • Manually finding Vulnerabilities in the Source Code of a Web Application.
  • Configuration and working with SonarQube to Find and Analyze Vulnerabilities.


I will be eternally thankful to my mentors and instructors, without whom I would not have been able to achieve so much and have had such wonderful experiences and learning opportunities.



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